Sunday, March 28, 2010


Lindsay, Chris baxter, and myself headed out to SF last night to go catch the Skinner, and Martin show over at Super 7.
I am lousy at taking pictures, I swear there will be more next time, and better pictures. One gets distracted, ya know? Awesomeness Below....
The very intimate gathering over at Super7. The dudes at S7 are ultra cool, thanks for throwing an awesome show!

The wall...

Some of Martin's paintings. So amazing.

There's Martin Unwittingly posing for my camera lense.

Some of skinner's paintings, as well as the man himself Laser Blastin' a book.

AAAaaaand, some stuff for the wonderfully awesome grass hut in Portland!! Wish i could make it to this show, theres a TON of awesome artists showing. Not to mention i would drive the 8 hours to portland just for the variety of vegan food alone. I made an 18x18 and a 9x9 for this show, check em' out down below!

Some new Paintings for some new shows, yall. Here's a couple I made for Giant robot NY.