Saturday, November 13, 2010

Heist one year anniversary show 'Til death do us part' opens tonight

I have a new piece and an install for gallery Heist's one year anniversary show. Julianne from Heist put together an amazing show.

Gallery Heist One Year Anniversary Show "Till Death Do Us Part" from Gallery Heist on Vimeo.

Russia trip featured in Hi-Fructose

Skinner wrote a great article about our Russian adventure, featured on Hi fructose. Much love to Hi fructose and the Skin man!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Pieces for Godzillas Hostel in Moscow, Russia

Heading over to Russia with Skinner in the morning. The Journey begins tomorrow!!!!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

De Profundis Preview

These are a few new pieces I did for the De Profundis show at Upper Playground PDX...

De Profundis with Martin Ontiveros

Go to this show If you are in PDX this Thursday and have an awesome time with me and Martin Ontiveros!!

FIFTY 24PDX Gallery presents “De Profundis”, an exhibit of new paintings and installations by artists Martin Ontiveros and Justin Lovato. 

Martin Ontiveros is an artist, rocker, metalhead, wizard, warrior, father, miscreant, grump, and good friend living and working in Portland, OR. "De Profundis" is Latin for "from the depths", or "out from the depths of misery". In Martin’s words: The feel for the show, at least on my end, is putting a face on some emotions/issues that have given me trouble over the years. Exposing their big, ugly, twisted heads. The first step to any change or recovery in one's self is to be able to give a name to the root cause.

Justin Lovato is an artist from Sacramento, currently residing in Berkeley, CA. Lovato creates dreamlike, ethereal landscapes that reflect his thoughts on nature and our relation to it, human belief systems, the psycho-political-control system, multidimensional concepts, and esoteric symbolism.

Please join us for the opening reception of “De Profundis” on First Thursday, October 7th, 2010 from 6pm - 10pm. 
DJ B-LiT will be playing tunes. Beverages courtesy of Red Hook. 

“De Profundis” runs October 7th - November 24th, 2010.

Gallery hours are Sunday 12pm-6pm and Monday through Saturday 11am-8pm. 

Upper Playground FIFTY 24PDX Gallery is located at 23 NW 5th Ave., Portland, Oregon, 97209. 

New Zine, "Theoretical Object" Coming Soon

I Just finished making a new zine/comic book called theoretical object. I will be selling it at the APE convention in San Francisco mid october.

Death Head Time Lapse

Juxtapoz interview, part 2

Here's the other part of the series I did a month back with Juxtapoz... Juxtapoz interview Part 2.

Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Installing at 111 Minna, Opening Thursday 8/5

I spent yesterday installing my portion of the show I'm in at 111 Minna gallery in San Francisco. Here's a preview of my new work, as well as a few pictures of the rest of the show!

Some new Jesse Balmer work. Jesse's work is so amazing.

This is Darryl Pierce, working on his install. really amazing, big pieces. 

Jay hanging some of Lango's work. Lango has some really beautiful work in this show.

Friday, July 16, 2010

Giant Robot NY "Printed Matter" Show

I made a very limited Painting/ print series of 10 for this GRNY show. I believe it will be available on their website for purchase, .... Great line up in this show!
"something from nothing" Print....

Show in Denver!

"We haven't felt this way in years II" opening, SF

I had a couple pieces in a show at Heist gallery in SF, Here's a few pictures (stolen from Ryan De La Hoz's facebook, Thanks!). This was a fun night, and a great way for me to kick off my relocation to Berkeley! Thanks Ryan for putting together such an awesome line up!!
Here's the pieces I had in the show...

Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Some New Paintings, some new shows

Here's a new piece on paper. I'm doing some newer stuff on paper lately...

Here's a piece I did for Solomon Dubnick Gallery for their "Beyond the frame" show opening 6/12 

Below is the painting I did for the WWA gallery "I believe in unicorns" show in culver city. Below that is the sketch for it.

More coming up!! I'm still grindin' on some new stuff for my 111 Minna group show coming up in august, as well as a show over at upper playground Portland in october, a group show at Giant Robot NY again, and an online show opening next week at Dirty Pilot .

Friday, April 23, 2010

More sketch tuesday pics on Fecal face

Noah 23 shirt

Just finished designing a shirt for canadian rap-mega-super-star Noah 23.
contact him here:
Check out his music here:

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sketch Tuesdayness

I headed over to sketch tuesday with skinner yesterday at 111 Minna gallery. We picked up a really polite, cool hitchhiker on the way named jack, stopped by juxtapoz and met some of the awesome people that work there and got to pick up a few books from there stock room, cool... ate a vegan doughnut at some place in japan town, and then headed over to the minna for sketch tuesday! It was so much fun, and I met so many cool people. Thanks to everybody that bought all my little paintings! I was having too much fun so I forgot to shoot any pictures, whoops! Maybe next month... 
Thanks to Tim Gatto I have some photos.

4-20 Sketch tuesday line up
- MATS!?
- Winston Smith
- Jennybird Alcantara
- Kent Myers
- Ruthie Swanson
- Jay Howell
- Jason Vivona
- Pacolli
- Mildred
- Sirron Norris
- Justin Lavato
- Rebecca Skelabear
- Kyle Ranson
- Michael Capozzola
- Arlo Jamrog
- Josh Yule
- Villen
- Leanne C. Miller
- Dan 'Chili' Stromberg
- Skinner
- Nate Van Dyke
- Ferris Plock

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Some video entertainment For your viewing pleasure

Painting for Godzillas Hostel, Moscow

Infinite Tree mutoscope

Monday, April 05, 2010

Wonder Con visit. San francisco.

I made my way down to SF on saturday to visit wonder-con, the annual convention populated by a surprisingly diverse crowd of occupants and fringe art, video game, science fiction, & comic book nerddom enthusiasts. It was pretty damn awesome! I was intirely too distracted and overwhelmed to take enough pictures. Still getting used to this whole blogging thing, hope you enjoy!
On my way to the moscone convention center I saw this awesome paste up on a light pole. I don't know who did it but its simply amazing looking and I had to put this on here!

It was extremely crowded, shoulder to shoulder in some of the isles.

I geeked out when I saw lou ferrigno. You gotta freak out over the hulk himself!

Also saw Peter Mayhew of Chewbacca fame. That was also pretty surreal. Long live Chewy.

There you have it! Like I said I was distracted, there was a lot more to be seen! Including Alex pardee's booth, skinner, and another sacto-hometown hero, Ben walker...