Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Sketch Tuesdayness

I headed over to sketch tuesday with skinner yesterday at 111 Minna gallery. We picked up a really polite, cool hitchhiker on the way named jack, stopped by juxtapoz and met some of the awesome people that work there and got to pick up a few books from there stock room, cool... ate a vegan doughnut at some place in japan town, and then headed over to the minna for sketch tuesday! It was so much fun, and I met so many cool people. Thanks to everybody that bought all my little paintings! I was having too much fun so I forgot to shoot any pictures, whoops! Maybe next month... 
Thanks to Tim Gatto I have some photos.

4-20 Sketch tuesday line up
- MATS!?
- Winston Smith
- Jennybird Alcantara
- Kent Myers
- Ruthie Swanson
- Jay Howell
- Jason Vivona
- Pacolli
- Mildred
- Sirron Norris
- Justin Lavato
- Rebecca Skelabear
- Kyle Ranson
- Michael Capozzola
- Arlo Jamrog
- Josh Yule
- Villen
- Leanne C. Miller
- Dan 'Chili' Stromberg
- Skinner
- Nate Van Dyke
- Ferris Plock


Tim said...

I was able to snap some. feel free to use. Thanks again for the sweet piece!

justin lovato said...

thank you tim! i really appreciate it i regret not taking photos!